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1964 Wafer Fabrication Transistor
/OEM assembly
1”-2” Silicon Epitaxial Wafer.
NS, Philips etc.
1972 Rectifier / OEM assembly Westinghouse
1975 Consumer product LCD watch, Baseball game etc.
1976 Set up “Respironics” medical electronic product
1977 Optoelectronics / OEM assy Telefunken
1978 OEM component assembly Sony, Mitsubishi
1980 OEM TO-220/F assembly
OEM TO-92 assembly
Saga (Voltage Regulator)
Toko (Varicap Diode)
1983 OEM PCB assembly Mattel Toy, Mishal etc.
1985 OEM Opto assembly NJRC
1986 OEM VMOSFET assembly
Set up factory in China
Supertex (TO-92 /220 /39)
@ Buji
1988 OEM Opto assembly Zetex
1989 OEM SCR assembly Mitsubishi (TO-92)
1990 Opto product for Industrial application Major market in Europe
1991 Hybrid Circuit Assembly
Move factory to other Location in Buji
6 floors building /Dormitory
1991 Whirlpool LED Display
1992 LED Display for microwave oven Whirlpool / SMC
1994 TO-92 Fully automatic line Mitsubishi
1995 TO-220AB/F assembly line Mitsubishi
1998 Bought a land 13664.96 sq. meter in
Gongming. Plan to build 2 factory
buildings, 2 dormitory buildings and one
complex building.
moved from Buji to Gongming –
one factory building (6 floor – total 8307 sq.
meter) and one dormitory building including
canteen (7 floor – total 4138 sq. .meter)
2001 TO-92, TO-220 Assembly Photron/Taiwan
2001 TO-220 Assembly Drix/Belgium
2002 Sidac Assembly Everlast/USA
2004 Bought a 1,460 sq meter new office in
Hong Kong
Moved to New Office in December
2006 Resistor Assembly Ohmite/USA